In this section, you will find statistics and local information. Please contact the Substance Misuse Information & Research Officer if you would like any further information.

(The Substance Misuse Information & Research Officer (SMIRO) works within the Public Health Intelligence & Information Services Department and alongside the local Alcohol & Drug Partnership (ADP).

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Service Report 2014

ADP Service Report.Feb 2014

Alcohol Information
Alcohol-Related Hospital Statistics Scotland – 2017/18 Dashboard
Alcohol Statistics – Summary Statistics

Alcohol – Local Statistics

Drug Information
Drug Statistics – Summary Statistics
Drug – Local Statistics

SALSUS (Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey)
SALSUS Summary Statistics
SALSUS Local Alcohol Statistics
SALSUS Local Drug Statistics

National Target Information
National Targets
Local A11 Target
Local H4 Target Performance

ADP Statistics
Outer Hebrides ADP Statistics